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The Customer For Life Partner Program

Become a Denver CBD Distributor, Retail Partner or Online Affiliate Partner and Sell The Highest Quality CBD From One of The World’s Leading Hemp Producers.

customer for life

Choose Between 3 Partner Programs


Earn high commissions on sales by becoming a Distributor, we have a supportive team and training tools that’ll help you succeed in the CBD industry.

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Retail Partners

Have a retail license? Then the Denver CBD Wholesaler program is tailored to make the process of selling our products as easy and profitable as possible.

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Online Partners

The Denver CBD Affiliate program provides you with a specialized link, coupon code, and tracking pixel that you can use to track sales and online visitors.

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customer for life

About our Partner Programs

  • WE assign customers for life, you build equity based on sales.
  • WE back all sales with 30 day money back guarantee.
  • WE assign customers for life, you build equity based on sales.
  • WE do all the work, you carry no overhead.
  • WE provide an online dashboard to track commissions.
  • YOU receive a monthly check.

Training & Marketing Materials

Keeping your employees & customers educated about our CBD products is a top priority at Denver CBD. That is why we provide sales training, marketing brochures and partner events. You have access to everything your customer needs to know about our high quality CBD oil.

Excellent Customer Service

If your customers or patients have questions our customer service reps are ready to answer them. There is a lot to learn about CBD and Denver CBD has detailed information they can provide to ensure your customers feel confident with their purchase and keep coming back.

customer for life

Who Partners with us?

Online Stores

Denver CBD is a perfect fit for website stores with affiliate programs and drop shipping so you can focus on sales.

Retail Locations

Give your local customers the best quality CBD oil and white label or order in bulk with confidence.

Healthcare Professionals

Increase your revenue by handing your patients a flyer with a coupon code to

Holistic Practitioners

Denver CBD oil is quickly becoming widely used by holistic healers and is a great way to increase profits.


Denver CBD is a great alternative solution for more natural solutions for pet and their owners.


Recent studies have shown the tremendous power of CBD oil in reducing anxiety, stress and tension.

customer for life

Which Partner type are you?

earn 20% commission

Become a Distributor

Do you have a network of contacts that would be great retail partners of Denver CBD? Becoming a distributor partner is the right fit for you. As a distributor, your mission is to sell Denver CBD products to retailers at wholesale prices. With that mission in mind, we will create and share a unique referral link with our retailers that give them access to a password protected Wholesale Ordering Page. This unique link will track the retailers wholesale purchase so that we can reward you, the distributor, with a commission paid for the entire sale. You now have that retailer for life.

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earn 30% Commission

Become a Retail Partner

Do you have a retail license and physical retail location where you sell Denver CBD? Becoming a retail partner is the right fit for you. Our missions is to give you, the retailer, a chance to capture revenue from our CBD products for life of your customers. Once a customer purchases one of our products from your brick & mortar store, you can give them the option to make future Denver CBD purchases on using your customized coupon code. We will track all sales on our site using that code and write you a check for your share of the sale.

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earn 30% commission

Become an Online Partner

Have you amassed a large following online or through social media? Are you looking to grow your own business or make passive income referring Denver CBD? Becoming an Online Partner may make sense for you. As an Online Partner, you will be assigned your personalized, unique referral link and custom coupon code to share with EVERYONE! These unique links and custom codes will track any customer who purchases products from and assigns those customers to you. We reward you, the Online Partner, with a 30% commission for the entire cart value of each customer you direct to our website every time they make a purchase. That’s why we call it the customers for life partner program.

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Customer For Life
Earn a commission from all orders made for the lifetime of that customer when they use your link or code!

Training & Marketing
We provide sales training, marketing brochures and partner events to educate you on our CBD products.

Expert Support
If your customers or patients have questions our customer service reps are ready to answer them.